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Virtual Handout

Thank you for joining us today! If we skipped something you want to know more about, or have a question, just give either of us a call.


Clémence Scouten: 215-645-7766 |

Tim Zeigler: Kamelot Auction House | 215-815-4983 |


Kamelot Auction House - Tim Zeigler (Director of Business Development)

I am happy to be able to present to you today. I hope you found it helpful. I welcome the
opportunity to talk with you and answer any questions about our auctions and the auction

Moving & Down-Sizing clients are a significant part of our client base. We help identify
their valuable items and offer them to the great bidders we attract to our upscale auctions.
Our regular offerings include fine art, decorative arts, fine furniture & furnishings,
lighting, silver, statues, rugs, textiles, garden & architectural items and collections.
Our 40,000 square foot auction gallery is in Philadelphia just blocks off Interstate 95. We
regularly help clients from Philadelphia and surrounding counties as well as most of
Delaware and New Jersey. Clients buying through our auctions are from the Greater
Philadelphia area, throughout the United States and around the World.

I welcome the opportunity to help you. I can be reached directly at and by text or phone at 215-815-4983. Our web-site is

AND EAT IT TOO: Preserve Your Memories

Memoirs & More - Clémence Scouten, Founder 

You can preserve the memory and meaning of your objects by photographing them, writing a few sentences about the object, and printing your own book. 

Step One: photograph your object 

Once you decide what you want in your book (art vs. furniture vs. all of it), go around the house and use your phone to take photos of the items in question. Don't forget items that may be in the basement, in closets, or otherwise out of sight (like jewelry).

Step Two: write about the object 

Whether you only want to write one sentence or have more to say, writing down the who/what/when of your objects is key to preserving its meaning.

  • Why did you buy it?

  • Where did you buy it?

  • Was it a gift? Who gave it to you?

  • What is its value?

  • Is there a story associated with the object? 

  • Why is this object meaningful to you?

Step Three: make a book 

Now that you've taken the photos and written down what you have to say, it's time to make a book.

You can open a free account at and upload all your photos. Then, pick one of the book templates they offer. The one called "Simple White" is very well suited to this kind of project. Once you pick the book template, it's easy to add your photos and content. If Forever doesn't suit your needs, another printing website to consider is

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