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Personal Histories

Scanning & Archiving

Family Trees


Certified Guided

Autobiography Instructor

by the Birren Center

M.A. in English, Sorbonne in Paris, high honors


B.A.  in English, University of Pennsylvania


French and American High School Diplomas from the ​Lycée International of St. Germain-en-Laye, France

For my complete professional history, please visit my LinkedIn profile. 

Professional Associations


Personal Historians

Northeast Network

Current president of PHNN

The Biographers Guild of Greater New York

The Photo Managers,

certified "Pro" member

Clémence's story


I first began working on custom family projects in Boston in 2010 when I became involved in the personal affairs of a couple contemplating their legacy.  I sat in closets and storage rooms sifting through two busy lifetimes' worth of materials.


The outcome was the production of heirloom books elegantly showcasing information that until then was unapproachable. The books we created will go on to their children's children, telling their story the way they chose to tell it.

It was an "Ah-ha!" moment. I already knew the power of an intentionally planned legacy. My father died when I was only twenty-two, but he left me a couple hundred pages about his life. My mother died when I was thirty-seven. She too felt compelled to write down a few pages of her life. I treasure these documents and sit down to re-read them regularly. It's one of the best gifts they left me.

Writing one's memoir or creating a family history book is how my clients take control of their legacy. They can plan it the way they plan the rest of their estate. Where else do the memories, stories, history, lessons, and traditions go? And what a huge mistake to leave that out of what gets handed down to the next generation. 

I feel very lucky to be able to help people with their personal history projects. I view it as a real privilege to be trusted to enter a family's most personal space. ​I hope you'll give me a call to talk about what kind of project is on your mind. If you've read this far, I know that you have family you love and want to honor. I'd really like to hear about it.   215-645-7766

It may also help to remember, that if you don't do it, someone else will tell your story. Wouldn't you rather it be you?

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