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DIY - Do It Yourself

For the brave do-it-yourselfers out there, I applaud your effort in wanting to tackle any family history project on your own. Family history projects are not easy! (By the way, I detail the pros and cons of DIY projects in this blog post.)


Below are some resources which may help you on your journey. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention Storyworth. This can be a great budget option for those who don't want deal with all aspects of producing a book. (Note: I do not receive a commission from Storyworth for referring business to them.)

And of course, if you decide the DIY route isn't for you, give me a call at 215-645-7766 or email me at to see how I might be able to help. 

Take a Class

"Write, Design, and Publish Your Family History Book" is the recording of a substantive, detailed 3-part course I held last year. It contains an enormous amount of helpful information.

Adult Education Course

Archiving Family Artifacts

We all have those boxes of stuff we don't know what to do with. This free download provides detailed information on how to archive various materials. Family artifact examples include objects, paper, and photos. 

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How to Talk to Your Parents

This free download gets adult children talking with their parents about some of the basics of life storytelling.

Get your parents to write smaller.png

Writing Your Memoir

Writing your memoir takes no small effort. Start by reading my memoir tips and downloading the free guide.

Ultimate Guide to Write Your Memoir small.jpg
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