From memoirs to family trees​


Family history projects come in every shape and size. Every family is different, just as every project we work on is different. 

What will your family history project be? How do these sound...

  • A custom family tree for a family reunion.

  • A book describing your grandfather's war experience.

  • Your memoirs.

  • A book about the people in your family who immigrated, with images of the ship manifests showing when they arrived in the United States.

  • A historical photo book showing each generation and their contribution to the family.

  • A series of small books about different members of the same family.

There is something for everyone in family history.

Most people become interested in their family history as they get a little older, or once they start contemplating their legacy. When done right, a book of memoirs or a broader family history book captures the attention of younger family members.

One person tends to be the repository for all family history documents. Perhaps by default, this person gets the title of family historian. This family history steward does play an important role but with today's technology, there is no reason that only one person is involved.

Once digitized, anything is possible. Old photos, letters, diaries, even objects... once they are part of the family archive, they can be shared more easily, and contribute meaningfully to a family's story. 

Every image is made better with a story and every story is made better with an image

Some people like to read more than others. The beauty of writing one's memoirs is that the stories are kept forever. One's voice is preserved. But that doesn't mean it has to be 200 pages packed tight with long sentences and hard-to-read writing. 

Incorporating photos and other images into long text engages the reader and helps make the book a page-turner. The opposite is true too. A photo book with no captions or accompanying narrative is only half the story. 

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when tackling a family history project. What's the most important thing? Just get the project started. We're here if you need us. 215-645-7766

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