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Family History Projects

Family history should be easy, fun, and meaningful. If you've tried to work on your family history and this has not been the case, please call 215-645-7766 to tell us about it. We love to hear about family history projects!

Stop worrying that those boxes in the attic (or basement, closet, storage, etc.) filled with grandparents' letters and photos are going to rot away. This is an easy problem to fix once you realize there is no reason to do it yourself.

And don't put off the pleasure of passing down the stories of your life and the memory of people you've loved.  This is what personal historians do.  We help you tell the story and create a custom family heirloom book so others can read it. 

There are many wonderful options. You could write your memoir. If that seems too daunting, how about a legacy letter (aka ethical will)? Family history books that compile photos, documents, and stories are another way to ensure your family's legacy and history are preserved.

There is great joy in reflecting on the bond of family. As someone who turns to her (deceased) father's memoirs regularly to fact check or just hear his voice, you can believe me: this is a gift your children will cherish more than almost any other possession you could give them.

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