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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help me write my memoir?
The main job of a memoir writer is to tell your story in your voice. This is a accomplished through a series of interviews where we discuss whatever it is you want to include in the book. The interviews are then transcribed and edited. The end product is a compelling, well-written, professional product. See some samples on the Memoirs and Samples page. 
How much does it cost?

The type of investment in hiring someone to write your memoirs or produce a family history book is measured in the thousands of dollars. Most projects are in the low five figures.  

What are the interviews like? 
The interviews are structured around a series of questions meant to get you talking about the subjects you want in the book. The interviews are very conversational and most people enjoy them. They tend to be free-flowing since the editing process is where everything is cleaned up. You have final say in what does and doesn't go in the book, so if you say something in the interview you don't want in the book, that is easy to accomplish.
What other services do you offer?

All of the products we develop for clients are custom projects. From having a family tree made to recording oral histories to creating a full scale family history book project, there are lot of options. You can review the different services in more detail

Why bother with a personal history / memoir project? 

Personal history projects are a way to pass on your family's history and legacy to future generations. While it may not sound important to you now, family history books become very meaningful as younger family members grow up and older members disappear. 

The following is a great video about why you should bother with your personal history, and how the process works.

How does Memoirs & More work?

We meet with you during a free consultation to determine exactly what you have in mind and to discuss the various options available. Then you will receive a quote or confirmation regarding the package you have selected. From there we will schedule meetings to begin the project.

How much time will the process take?

This depends on the project and the family's availability. A large family needing many hours of research, an oral history recording and transcribing will take much longer than a customer who simply wishes to develop a family tree. Smaller projects take a couple weeks, but it is not uncommon for larger projects to take several months. When print production is involved, there is always an additional month in the turnaround. 

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