How will you

be remembered?

Let us help you answer that question.

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This is your story, told the way you want. We help you capture your life experiences, so you can share them with your loved ones.

Family History

Include genealogy, photos, stories, or whatever is part of your family heritage.


Preserving photos, documents and objects is critical to ensuring the next generation will benefit.

Family history =

your legacy

Memoirs & More Family History Services is a boutique research, writing and design firm.
We create custom heirloom books about the subject(s) that are most meaningful to you.
Our goal is to provide you with instant family heirlooms to be cherished for generations. 

What legacy do you want to leave for your family?

Give us a call at 215-645-7766 to discuss the kind of project that is right for you.

I simply couldn't have 

done it with anyone else.

Cathy S., Boston, MA

Clémence is terrific. I loved working with her,

and the books we made.

Greer N., Bryn Mawr, PA

Ultimate Guide to Write Your Memoir smal

Just write!


If you're not ready to work with someone, there's no reason not to use our free guide and write your memoirs yourself.

Legacy Heirloom Books

Heirloom books meet your custom needs

Every custom book we produce represents your voice, your family, or your story. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on how fun and meaningful it is to reflect on your life and your family.

We'll do all the writing and research, or take over where you left off. We create custom designs for your unique project needs. We then find the best printer and babysit it all as though it was our own book. 

Capturing the essence of your family

Organizing family ancestry and stories can be overwhelming. Just figuring out where to start is hard.

  • Should I do a family tree? 

  • How do I write my memoirs?

  • I want to scan and organize my photos to have an archive the whole family can access, but I don't know how.

  • How do I curate all these photos and create a proper family history book? 


These questions and concerns come up all the time. 

You are not alone. And there is no reason to muddle through it alone. From memoirs to photo books to custom maps to family heritage books and family trees, we will walk you through it.

That said, if you're motivated to try a project on your own, check out the blog for ideas and how-to's on family history projects.

The best thing to do? Give us a call.

We love to hear about people's projects. It's amazing how inspiring everyone's family members are.  Some of our best projects were ideas the client suggested! 


Whether or not you know what you want to do, call us at 215-645-7766. We're happy to talk about how we can help.

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