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  • Clémence R. Scouten

What's a Memoir Ghostwriter?

Until I became a personal historian I had no idea that this field existed. And if you think "memoir ghostwriter" is a strange term, what about "personal historian"? Personal historians are people who help capture your story and either publish a book or create a video or audio recording of you. Sometimes it's just about you. Sometimes it's about the whole family. That's the beauty of this work: the stories that come out reflect the person and family that told it.

Like me, most people don't know writing your memoirs or a personal history is something you can hire a professional to do the heavy lifting. The Association of Personal Historians created this video to help people understand what the process of working with a personal historian was like.

Writing your memoirs is one of the best gifts you can give. It is truly an act of love. There is an estate planning industry, but where is the legacy planning industry? We're kind of on our own when it comes to these things... until you find a personal historian.

Whether it's a memoir, a coffee table book full of family photos and stories, genealogy research, or other project, capturing these stories is truly an invaluable gift. And it's a lot easier to do when you can lean on a professional ghostwriter or researcher when you need to.

Unfortunately the Association of Personal Historians no longer exists. But personal historians do! If you have any questions about the process, cost, experience, or outcome just give me a call at 215-645-7766 or email me at clemence @ I look forward to hearing from you!

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